Psychological Science Manager

at The Australian Psychological Society Limited

The Psychological Science Manager brings their formal psychology qualifications and expertise to the role to ensure the successful delivery of the following major activities:

  • Developing, securing and building strong relationships with a wide range of external organisations to advance matters of psychological science in line with the APS strategic plan.
  • Support and engagement with higher education providers, psychology students, academics and researchers regarding research, education, training and membership.
  • Support and strategic advocacy for the discipline of psychology including support for academic members and students, participation on relevant research projects, and facilitation of research projects, advice and policy development related to teaching and learning, research funding and other academic matters.
  • Support the Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET), the DPRET Forum and working groups. 
  • Developing and progressing strategic initiatives with member groups and the APS Institute,  to ensure lifelong learning, competency maintenance, preparation for the National Exam.
  • Develop in partnership with member groups, HODSPA and APAC, curriculum and program learning outcomes for standalone AOPE programs, and other emerging professional psychology training programs.
  • Overseeing initiatives related to curriculum development and maintenance of psychologists’ competence (e.g., Australian Psychology Curriculum; psychology education, standards and competencies of psychologists), including funded projects.
  • Assist in the development and management of the sharing of teaching and learning resources on the APS website
  • Management of the APS science awards program and scholarships.
  • Managing and supporting the APS publication programs including scientific journals and their editorial boards; management of copyright.
  • Management of the scientific aspects of APS Conferences.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Education and Training Standards

  • Actively participate in international and national initiatives and projects on competency of psychologists.
  • Lead relevant submissions on psychology education standards and competencies of psychologists.
  • Manage the development of teaching and learning resources, programs and forums which assist academic members to improve the quality of teaching and learning in psychology.

Scholarships and Placements

  • Provide support to the Chief of Professional Standards to liaise with Government departments and other bodies about student placement schemes and schemes which promote and support placement systems.
  • Monitor scholarship schemes and advise the Chief of Professional Standards, on opportunities to advocate for scholarships for psychology trainees. 

DPRET Strategic Forum

  • Oversee the administrative requirements of the Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET) to ensure effective delivery of key strategic initiatives.

Research and Funding

  • In consultation with the Chief or Professional Standards, the Manager, Psychological Science, will liaise with external organisations to increase the support and funding for research, education and training in psychology.
  • Represent the APS on key committees related to research and higher education funding.
  • Identify ways and strategies that the APS can implement and support members’ involvement in research and teaching.
  • Support academic members and students.
  • Assist the Chief of Professional Standards, in supporting the discipline of psychology through advocacy, sourcing research grants, participation on research committees, and facilitation of research projects.
  • Provide advice regarding matters of higher education and research to advisory groups, standing committees or forums.

APS Awards and Conferences

  • Oversee the management of the annual APS Science Prizes and Awards programs.
  • Manage the APS Annual Conference scientific program to ensure it delivers innovative, high quality, relevant content in modes which meet the needs of members.

APS Resources

  • Oversee management of the APS suite of scientific journals to ensure timely delivery of high quality, value add publications that meet the Society’s mission and publication guidelines.
  • Oversee copyright matters.
  • Monitor the ongoing relationship between the APS and the current data base provider to ensure the service provided is in line with the strategic direction of the portfolio.
  • Review data base needs and options regularly.

Relationship Development

  • Maintain relationships of the Science portfolio with key external organisations (e.g. APAC, HODSPA, STA, Universities Australia, relevant government agencies, other psychological societies and foundations such as Australian Science Teachers Associations (ASTA) in alignment with the plan for the broader Science, Education and Career Development Portfolio. 
  • Identify opportunities for networking with organisations and individuals that are of strategic benefit to the Portfolio. 

Support in Advocacy

  • Work with the Chief Professional Standards Officer, to identify the interests of academic members, higher education providers and the discipline generally in order to assist the Chief to liaise with government, government agencies, regulators and other bodies or stakeholders.


  • In consultation with the Chief of Professional Standards, develop an annual work plan for the Science team and identify relevant resources within APS office and other entities. 
  • Oversee the recruitment of staff for the Unit and participate in the recruitment as required.
  • Manage the performance of team members by:
  • setting clear goals and performance expectations that are aligned to the organisation’s objectives;
  • providing ongoing coaching and feedback to staff regarding performance; and
  • Identify and manage opportunities for continued growth and development for individual team members.
  • Develop staff competencies aligned with the APS’s and individual needs
  • Ensure the Society’s policies and procedures are adhered to by team members.

Required Skills and Attributes

Qualifications, technical knowledge and experience

  • Postgraduate qualifications (e.g. Doctoral level within Psychology.
  • Experience working in academia, journal editing and working with publishers.
  • An understanding of the external environment that the APS works within including members’ needs, and Government legislation and policies, to do with science, research, and education.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Australian Higher Education system and the university environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of the education and training needs of psychologists.


  • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strong leadership and staff management skills.  
  • Proactive, and strongly focussed on delivering concrete outcomes.
  • Effective project management skills.
  • Strong written communication skills in a variety of formats (e.g. policy documents, proposals and submissions, reports, guidelines, and implementation documents).
  • Confident in negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes, while maintaining ongoing relationships.
  • Strong focus on the quality, quantity, and timeliness of work output.


In order to be considered for the role, please submit your CV and a cover letter addressing the following to

~ Your top 3 strengths and how these contribute to your success ~ How your skills and experience meet the requirements of the role ~ What appeals to you about working at the APS.

Applications close COB 28 October.

Melbourne Victoria Australia

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