Higher Degree Research Scholarship Opportunities - Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour Research Group #SELB

at Queensland University of Technology

QUT Faculty of Education

Increasing student diversity means that the typical classroom now spans a wide array of student abilities, interests and backgrounds. In such an environment, teaching and learning becomes an intensely complex process; one that is complicated by many variables. The QUT Faculty of Education is looking for aspiring education researchers who are passionate about solving problems and finding real world solutions to join our Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour Research Group through the QUT Annual Scholarship Round. Be supervised by our world-leading researchers who are engaged in quality research that aims to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of all children and young people, but particularly those who experience difficulty in schools and with learning. The Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour Research Group is looking for students interested in the following topics

Children’s Rights

  • What are the most common classroom management practices used in Australian schools and to what extent do these respect the rights of the child?
  • How is student voice enabled in schools, whose voices are heard, and what level of input do students want in relation to decisions impacting their schooling experiences?

Engaged Learning

  • Testing NAPLAN: investigating the generation and use of student achievement data in Australian schools
  • Investigating visual-cognitive behaviours when engaged in learning/assessment
  • Passive disengagement in classrooms: How can student perspectives enhance teacher practices?

Inclusive Education

  • What can we learn from parents of students with a disability about parent-school partnerships?
  • What counts as a "supplementary" adjustment? Investigating teachers' understandings of 'reasonable adjustments' and knowledge of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)
  • Principals enacting inclusive school reform: Identifying barriers, enablers and opportunities for broader system change

School Behaviour

  • Investigating the prevalence of, reasons for and alternatives to the use of punishment in Australian schools
  • Identifying and addressing Indigenous overrepresentation in school suspension

Scholarships Available:

Because scholarship numbers are limited, QUT conducts one highly competitive scholarship selection round each year. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, you must apply for a research course before the closing date of the annual scholarship round (30 September 2019 for studies commencing in 2020), and indicate on your course application that you want to be considered for one of our main scholarships.

For more information on research degrees and scholarships please visit https://www.qut.edu.au/education/courses-and-study/phds-and-research-degrees.

For more information on the SELB Research Group, please visit https://research.qut.edu.au/selb/

Email Office of Education Research: edn.research@qut.edu.au

Brisbane City Queensland Australia

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