Phd Candidate

at Western Sydney University - Graduate Research School

We are now offering a research scholarship to a highly motivated PhD candidate to work within a research group conducting advanced research on structural health monitoring of bridges.

This project will develop an in-depth understanding of utilising Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) for damage detection and structural health monitoring of bridges.

The focus of this research will be on monitoring the structural performances such as strength and ductility of reinforced concrete (RC) bridge structures exposed to aggressive environment-fatigue deterioration processes. Separately, aggressive environment leads to concrete cross section reduction while fatigue induces the nucleation and the propagation of cracks leading to fracture. However, their interaction may produce more serious and complicated deteriorations. Thus, for assessing their coupled action, appropriate bridge sites will be selected and RPA along with other sensor-based techniques will be employed to identify the critical environmental deteriorating agents and time-variant fatigue effects. Accordingly, characterisation of time-variant behaviour of the coupled actions using the post-flight analysis will be executed and reconstruction of the geo-referenced 3D models using computer vision algorithms will be used to conduct a finite element method (FEM) of analysis of the deteriorated RC bridge. Further comparison of the analysis with finite element modelling (FEM) of corresponding bridges as per the as-built drawing will be performed.

Kingswood New South Wales Australia

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