Research Assistant Ercc

at University of Melbourne

In collaboration with the Executive Director, the Research Assistant will assist in coordinating and supporting the research initiatives of the Research Unit in 'Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Contemporary Culture' (ERCC)-an initiative of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

Contemporary notions of critique, creativity, Literature, Nature, citizenship, human rights, democracy, scientific enquiry, and even the Human were forged by Enlightenment and Romantic thought. Yet this inheritance now seems threatened, paradoxically, by developments that it has helped engineer and with which it is still entwined: the digital revolution, globalisation, transnationalism, the environment crisis, and the emergence of artificial intelligence and autonomous technologies. Through innovative research, conferences, and public lectures, ERCC aims to re-envision the transition from Enlightenment to Romanticism and its legacies in the present. We believe it is important to ask, without nostalgia, what can we make of 'Enlightenment-Romanticism' now?

Our research is organised in relation to six themes:

  • Critique, Creativity, Comparison;
  • Worldliness, Cosmopolitanism, Globalisation;
  • Liberty, Colonisation, Slavery;
  • Actual, Mixed, and Virtual Realities;
  • Non-European Enlightenments and Romanticisms;
  • Dark-, Counter-, and Anti-Enlightenments.

The ERCC aims to:

  • Advance, extend, and lead the field of 'Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Contemporary Culture' nationally, supporting its current and future bids for an ARC Centre of Excellence;
  • Establish the University of Melbourne as a destination for researchers and research students working in the area of Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Contemporary Culture;
  • Execute a successful research plan, drawing on expertise from across the Faculty of Arts, that will support collaborative publications and grants by incubating projects and mentoring ECRs;
  • Develop a business plan based on a diversified funding stream that will enable the Unit to be self-funded at five years;
  • Be recognised as an expert voice in national public debates on the pasts and possible futures of Enlightenment and Romantic ideas, values, and institutions;
  • Develop a range of local, national, and international partnerships with scholars and relevant organisations

More detailed information about the ERCC is available at:

Parkville Victoria Australia

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