Renewable Energy Microgrid - Post Doc research fellows (2)

at Planet Ark Power

We have two (2) Post Doc research fellow positions available

  • A 2 year project with the roles embedded in Planet Ark Power but still working closely with the CQU (Central Qld University)
  • A battery storage and microgrid management systems project
  • To design and develop a real world 100% renewable energy based micro grid

You will be a CQU employee but embedded into Planet Ark Power. You will work closely with many of the 20 + engineers at Planet Ark Power. Many of which have PHD and Master degrees.

This 2 year project will develop and demonstrate two new products for the management of batteries in solar energy systems and the management of renewable enrgy based microgrid systems.

  • Battery storage is a key enabling solution for the integration of solar systems.
  • Approximately 1.4 million Australian households have installed roof- top solar and would benefit from “behind- the- meter” batteries allow energy produced on- site.
  • Batteries are expensive and have a limited lifespan.
  • This project adds value by developing an advanced battery management system and combining load and solar generation forecasting with battery cycle cost optimization.
  • This significantly extends the life of batteries and reduces the overall cost of energy. This will improve the economics and allow a faster uptake of battery and solar technology.

The research challenge is to adapt forecasting and optimization tools to commercial customer and residential customer loads. These are highly variable loads and more difficult to forecast.

A customer with solar generation, batteries and an intelligent BMS can gain further benefits by establishing a micro- grid which will intelligently manage their electrical loads, generation and storage. The micro- grid can be at the scale of a single intelligent home (i.e. a pico or nano- grid) or at the scale of a cluster of homes and small enterprises. This project applies recent advances in networked control which will produce practical, robust and reliable micro- grid control systems.

The project will combine an academic team with world-class skills in power engineering, controls and communications with implementation and product development skills to produce new products.

How to Apply for this job

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- Vacancy Reference Number: 31715
- Applications Close: 11:59pm, Sunday 26 February 2017.
When submitting your application please provide evidence of the following qualifications;
- Possession of a relevant degree and work experience. A Postdoctoral Research Fellow will normally have completed a Doctorate degree in a relevant discipline.
- Proven communication, organisational and time management skills.
- Proven ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively in a team based work environment

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